Resources & Tools

Project Future has developed the Teacher Attitudes and Beliefs about Computer Science survey instrument to measure important teacher dispositions so they can be tracked across the project. Please contact Darcy ( for the scoring sheet which provids the item polarity and subscale assignments. Full validation is available in this publication: Ronan, D., Erdil, D. C., & Brylow, D. (2022). Teacher Attitudes & Beliefs in Computer Science (T-ABC): Development & Validation of a Teacher Survey Instrument. ACM Transactions on Computing Education. 

Project Future's Coaching playbooks were developed to help teachers further unpack and apply CS Fundamentals courses, with a focus on creating "A Plan to Make it Fit". Teachers working through the coaching program will gain an understanding of the pedagogy of CS lessons from and its built-in supports. 

Project Future's Curriculum Plan tools are designed to support teachers as they create and refine CS-embedded units. There is a step-by-step planning template with prompts as well as checklists for review and feedback once different segments of the unit plan are developed. Our Project Future Collaborative teachers are using these tools now to build their first CS-embedded units!

We welcome the CS Education outreach and research communities to utilize these tools in draft form. Please let us know if you have any feedback and if they are useful to you! You can reach Darcy at